What to do next!?


So I've been doing code for a while now and it got me thinking. What should I do next? I have a good understanding of python and I'm starting to do some SQL. But what can I do with it all? I feel like all I can do is math stuff. So community could you please help me?


what do you want to do?

Python can be used for a lot of things


What would you like to do next? We need more information before we can tell you where to go.


Having a good understanding is great, but the question is can you develop anything with your knowledge, have you practised by creating and playing around.

Its important to understand the language but to know the language you must be able to develop and understand what is going on :slight_smile:


I am think security because it would be the most interesting thing to do. But there are many other things in computer security I could do.

This is another thing I was thinking. What does it mean to be a developer? How do I go about developing things? Where would I even start?


Why not start with PHP and go from there?


It depends on what you learnt about python, I really won't be able to explain this as I'm not a python developer. But remember just knowing the syntax is not being able to develop something, google code wars and challenges and see what you can develop like a mini program/website etc

Maybe @stetim94 can explain as he is a python developer


The PHP course on Codecademy is very old and buggy, and will be removed pretty soon. If the OP wants to learn PHP then it's highly recommended that they do so elsewhere.


adding on its not good to go jumping from language to language,

once you learn one language properly meaning you can develop etc then you can go on to another,

learning multiple languages at once is not easy and not recommended as you will confuse yourself.


Security is another very broad term. What would you really want specificly?