What to do next? [Web Development]

Hello there! :smile: Before i state my own idea, here is a really awesome viedo that tells you all about it:

Here this

So this is your options(Assuming you understand HTML&CSS):

First and foremost go to the Make A Website Tutorial that will teach you all about making websites.You could go to the Make Interactive Website , and then learn to make interactive ones.Then go learn PHP and SQL to get to know how to control your databases (whitch is like your users that sign up). Then go more complicated SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics.

Then after that to refresh you mind i would recommend going to a up to date viedo that teaches you about that! Like here. Making awesome dynamic websites.

Then buy your own domain like at godaddy And use your skills to make your own website!

Another path you could take is the full-stack. Whitch is Ruby here are the three courses codecademy offers.

Learn this , then learn this, then finnaly learn this.

Advices from other people:

Hope this helped!


I remember coming across the same video, it was very helpful in giving me a scope to work around.

My two cents avoid GoDaddy like the plague. Do any amount of Googling for domain hosts and GoDaddy is likely to end up as one of the most disliked. In my own experience GoDaddy likes to confuse the costumer with jargon. Instead Google web domain hosts, hosting. Why do you think they use Danica Patrick to sell their product? I have seen happy clients online who use blue host. Also be aware of some of the non-US services as I have read of serious financial grievances. Do your research. Again my two cents