What to do next? [Game Development]


Entering the world of game development…

Continuing my Discussion about Web Development, allow me to explain you opportunites with GameDevelopment, but be sure i dont know all the ways so i wont list them all, but the major ones.

So there are multiple ways:

  1. First(RECOMMENDED FOR BEGGINERS): The HTML5 Game Programming Engines. There are multiple html5 game engines, mostly made my MIT graduates. In the link above it shows you all the game engines with its develper, advantages,disadvanges, and costs. I normally use Phaser.Js now as it is really nice :smiley: .With its physics and physics and physics :laughing:. Well, before you go to the next step in game develpment, i advice you, you take your time and make many games with this area so you can be more fond with game-development.

  2. After you finish the first one i reccomend you go to Unity. As i havent went there i cant tell you a lot about it but its preety cool and simple. It will be right for you and this step will be pretty easy.

  3. Final Step is ofcourse, the most dreaded of all C++… Before you go here, please (i know your going to do it anyway) do this after you do the listed steps above. After you finish those, C++ is extremely difficult to understand gaming, but after you get a hang of it very fun :smile:. I have Not been here before so i cant tell you a whole lot about it. And People often say this: [quote=“coresurfers82141, post:73, topic:7928, full:true”]
    Definitely C++, all the big companies program in it. We should learn it!

Two Objections:


  • Companies dont always use c++, they can use thier own software


  • Exactly because if many big companies program thier games in C++ it means that its really hard.

So just put that in your last To-Do-List.

As always any more questions?! Ask me below. And any more suggestions to add to the list!? Ask below!

Game Programming is the best way to go :slight_smile:

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