What to do next after you finish python course?

What to do next after you finish python course?

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What’s your ultimate goal? What do you want to do/build/achieve/learn?

Why did you learn Python in the first place?


Hello @ianjerao. It depends what you want to get into. I personally did SQL after my Python course, as they work well together, and Pythons’ Pandas library is similar, but as @ghostlovescore said, it really depends on what you want to do. If you mean do you get a certificate or exam, no, you just do the last. lesson/project, and then finish.


I learned python so I can get more familiar in programming… I dont have my ultimate goal yet

In that case, maybe try learning another language like JavaScript if you want to keep some similarity with Python, or maybe try something like C++ to give you a different view on programming.

Thank you, but the thing is after I learned a specific language. I dont know what to do next or how am I gonna use it

In that case, maybe try doing some projects with it, some on Codecademy, and some of your own.

What do you do when you master talking to the computer??

My first suggestion is pre-read the CPP institute Python course (use throwaway email because it’s timed.) It’s a free course so there isn’t any labs like Codecademy, however I felt like the topics taught are more in depth. (Codecademy for SKILL, CPP institute for THEORY, textbooks for PRACTICE PROBLEMS, projects to SHOWCASE.)

For instance, I broke the Codecademy streak to practice learning C++ theory in depth, I got 2 star, 3 star at C++ institute, which has HARD exams compared to Codecademy.

After that you follow the teachyourselfCS curriculum, but substitute their recommended content with more modern content (They use ancient languages!). Finally, you find content to specialize from the Engineers Canada software engineering page.

For instance, I want to build a simple keylogger.

Hmm, I might need to import OS from python. What are the features. Once I log the users keystrokes to a notepad how do I program to send it?? I might need to learn to access FILE in python, and learn how to send files over a network. (Network programming)

That is my general take on how to think/what to think after you mastered “talking to the PC”. Also look up “Document Object Model”, you can use HTML in Python to make a webpage.

Happy self learning xD

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