What to do for type()? Don't know, searched multiple websites with no sucess. Please Help!


def spam():

print type('spam')
print type(42)
print type(3.78)
print type ('int')



says I need to print 'int'(integer??)


That's because of your last type. You have to print the type of a number, not of "int".


Decimal or integer
3.22 322


This is one of the harder course lessons for me, I am at 28% of Python


If the lesson wants you to get int as a type, what of those two do you think will need to use? (You already answered yourself in the reply...).


Probably a Decimal, I am not Completely sure of what I am doing on this lesson. Although however I already have tried both and failed both times. Thanks for the advice!


That's not possible. An int is an integer, so 322 should work. Show your code. Maybe the error is in the 3.78 instead of "int".


def spam():

print type('I like to dance')
print type(42.00)
print type(328)

That is what I entered, don't know Y it won't work. Maybe because 42 isn't really a decimal?


Every number with dots is considered a float.


I got it thanks for All OF THE ADVICE. I will start another conversation when I am in need of help. THANKS AGAIN!!