What to do for a super beginner like me

Hi. I’m a absolute beginner trying to learn coding.
but There’s no one around me who give advices, sad to say…
And Almost of all google posts and youtube recommend me to use this site.
So, I’ve just become a member of this. What should I do?
If it doesn’t bother you, I want you to tell me what I would do plz.

What you should do depends on what your goal is

if you don’t know, html followed by css is a common staring point. They are markup language for the web, making them relatively easy to learn, and any changes are very visual, so you can instantly see progress

after html & css people often learn JS, given its a scripting language for front-end web development. So then you can make content more dynamic among other things

but if your goal is very different, you might want to start with a different language

Thanks for your kindness!
as you said, I don’t know actually what to do.
If I have a goal, it is to ‘make a basic structure’ for future.
(Because after a few months, I have to go to military services for 2 years on our nation’s duty.)
So, I wanna prepare for the future after 2 years.
In this case, is the ‘html followed by css’ also good for me?

i hope you have some time during your military service to work on programming, because just like math where you have to keep solving sums/equations, in programming you need lots of practice. Not practicing for two years would mean you have to refresh a lot of the knowledge you gain in the next few months

but the good news, html, css & JS just require a browser (even without internet connection) and a text-editor, so there isn’t much equipment needed to keep practicing. Although internet would be useful for online lessons or documentation

unless you are totally uninterested in being able to build webpages/websites, yes, its a good starting point