What to do after I finish all Codecademy courses

I don’t have a computer science or any IT related degree. I started Codecademy 2 days ago and I’ve already finished the HTML, CSS, JS and Responsive Design courses. I’m mainly interested in front end developement, but I’m planning to do all Codecademy courses in the next 2-3 weeks.

But what should I do after I finish all of these courses? Where should I continue studying?

And when will I be able to get a front end dev job? I can spend 6-8 hours per day on learning. Can I get to a junior front end dev level in 6 months?

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In two days? Wow, nicely done. you seem to have already completed all front-end language, you could include jquery (javascript library which makes DOM manipulation easier)

Now that you have gathered all this knowledge, use it to actually build websites.

Combine building your own projects with learning new things.

if you need more in-depth knowledge use w3c. (link )

for documentation on html, css and JS check MDN

you can continue html, css and JS on freecodecamp, you can contribute to charity websites, put your skills to the test. Learn more. Good luck!


Thanks a lot for providing links for further education/information.

I am quite certain I will go to freecodecamp after completing all courses and projects here, but will certainly return back once more content is added in the future.

I love the UI and the learning experience you provide. No boring video blah blah and we students have to get our hands dirty from the start. Exactly how it should be. :slight_smile:


We’re building new courses (including more advanced courses) as we speak. Stay tuned!


Thanks for the update!

You guys and gals do such a great job. Keep 'em coming!

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Even though just a beginner here, got me real excited hearing this!
getting ready for the code muscle :muscle: :metal:

@danieloduffy and team CC :smiley:


Any tentative launch dates? :slight_smile:

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Afraid not, stay tuned is the best I can say. :slight_smile: