What to do after completing the course?

I just finished learning PHP, but I don’t know what to do next? What should I look up to, to get real life experience?

Well, php is used as server side language, so i would (if you haven’t already) do the html + css course, so you can build a front end. Then learn sql, so you know the basics of a database, then learn sql + php, so you can also store things in a database with php.

Then you might want to read a bit about hosting, find a shared host (many shared hosts support php), and you can build your website + database. Do read a little bit about security as well

If you don’t want it on a public hosting, you can also install xampp for windows, it will give you mysql + php + location for your html + css files, and you can experiment with it.

Maybe i should have recommended xampp in the first place

Anyway, hope this helps :slight_smile:


I would just need to brush up html + css and sql
And learn about hosting.

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well, if you brush up your html + css + sql, you could start experimenting with xampp, and then find somewhere to host it :slight_smile:

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