What to do after beginner Python 3 and 2 courses. Need help please

Ok so I have done the beginner Python 3 and 2 courses and i am really confused what to do next after that. Could someone please recommend what specific Python beginner courses to do next? I keep searching through beginner Python courses and i begin them, but it seems like im doing them out of order and end up feeling like i’m missing something. So, a big help would be if someone could let me know which Python courses to do next and in order so i feel like i’m not skipping steps. Any help would be appreciated

What exactly do you want to accomplish or build?
Think about what you want to do/make/create and then go from there. You want to learn Python, but, what do you want to do with that knowledge?

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i would like to make apps/ games eventually. The problem i’m having is i don’t know what courses i should or should not be doing first after the introductory to Python 2 and 3. What should I be doing? I feel like i’m doing courses i’m not supposed to be doing yet and just end up confusing myself. So if you could recommend specific courses, I should do next it would be really helpful