What to choose: Computational Neuroscience, or Computer Science?

Hello there dear CC community,
I’m at a crossroads right now, and I need your kind words of advice and wisdom…

I love coding and want to get involved in computer sciences in general as a career.
I came to love computer science and I loved reading and understanding the technical parts of CS (I enjoyed reading “Code”, by Charles Petzold, and “Big Data”, by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger & Kenneth Cukier). My involvement in CS thus far is that I took the Python course on Codecademy and absolutely enjoyed it. I loved the practice of coding and solving problems.

Recently, a field caught my attention (Computational Neuroscience), which requires knowledge of Machine Learning. So now I’m wondering whether I should choose Machine Learning Data Science carrer path, or choose the Computer Science career path. The dilemma is in that:

  • I love neuroscience
  • But I loved coding to solve problems in general

If I’m conceiving things the right way, CS seems to me like a generalist approach (my cup of tea), and it would be a great way to start even if to start the machine learning journey later on. yet still I wonder what’s the optimal way.

I’ll state some of my interests below:
My interests are in Science, Math, Physics, statistics, problem-solving, studying, analysis, neuroscience, psychology, and my background is Physiotherapy (BSc.), and Neurophysiology (MSc.). I love the workings of the brain, and I’m specifically interested in cognitive neuroscience (more specifically, would like to study the mental states of focus, attention, meditation, day dreaming, learning, etc…).

Please do kindly advise me and let me know your thoughts…

Mohammad Gallaf