What the what?!?! What does this mean?


Every time I skip something I don't understand it causes big problems later. There are a few things about the following statement I don't understand:

This array is two-dimensional because it has two rows that each contain two items. If you were to put a new line between the two rows, you could log a 2D object—a square—to the console

  1. This is the first time they referred to an element in an array as a row. What is a row?
    a. If I added a third row would it be 3 dimensional?
  2. Where would I put a line? The array they are talking about looks like this:
var twoDimensional = [[1, 1], [1, 1]];

a. Where would I put a line?? :confused:
4. Are we going to be making shapes now?


A row is left to right
-> -> -> -> this is a row

And while we're at it
is a column

You can't simply add a row and call the array 3 dimensional. You need to define your co-ordinate system.
The LINE is not a line. It's a new line, carriage return, the return key. What ever you relate to.