What the sense of inheriting from superclass constructor?

Here an example code:

class Sink:
  def __init__(self, basin, nozzle):
    self.basin = basin
    self.nozzle = nozzle

class KitchenSink(Sink):
  def __init__(self, basin, nozzle, trash_compactor=None):
    super().__init__(basin, nozzle)
    if trash_compactor:
      self.trash_compactor = trash_compactor

What advantages it gives for us ?

We have two related classes. There are any number of types of sink, be it a kitchen sink, a bathroom sink, a laundry room sink, a laboratory sink, a shop sink, etc. They all have something in common, and then they have their own unique features.

The idea conveyed above is that we can classify each type of sink, but give a common, parent class all the features they have in common. This will prevent duplication of a sort. Each subclass needs to only have the attributes that are unique to it, and all will inherit from the super class those common attributes.