What support and help is there?

I am doing the build chatbots with python course but I am now completely stuck at the dictionaries code challenge. I don’t understand what the exercises are asking or how to even begin to solve them.

Everyone on the forums seems to know what they’re doing and just need minor help but I don’t even understand enough to make an attempt to solve the problems.

Is there any additional support anywhere on the platform that can help me?

You can post your questions here and/or your code and a link to the lesson and people will jump in and help! :slight_smile:

Also, I know it’s difficult, but you cannot compare your learning pace to anyone else. We each move and learn at our pace and that’s 100% okay. :computer:


Also, if you feel like it’s way too difficult or foreign, maybe you need more foundational practice with Python? Have you completed the Python 3 course?


Thanks for the encouragement but it’s not really one specific lesson, it’s more the whole section on dictionaries in general or maybe I just don’t understand how to think in a coding mindset.

I think the Python 3 course overlaps because it seems like i’ve now completed 60% of that course without ever having opened it.

Can you recommend any other good ways to understand the concepts?

If I remember correctly the Chatbots course pulls information out of the Python3 course to teach the basics.

Practice!! :slight_smile:

Biggest thing that helps me. When you are learning a new concept getting some hands on practice with it can help solidify your knowledge of it. Even if that means creating a small project that focuses entirely on one subject and then just experimenting with the different behavior of the program.

Another thing I can’t say enough is, make sure to take your time. I have said it before but I’ll say it again, I rushed though the Python course when I first started thinking I could get by. But before long it caught up to me, and couldn’t understand anything they were asking of me, and I had to go back and retake the lesson. There is no use in rushing through a course if you aren’t retaining the information, that will only waste your time. So take your time with concepts, and don’t feel like you need to rush through.


Does this help? https://pynative.com/python-dictionary-exercise-with-solutions/


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