What SQL related programs to learn?

I have went trough the SQL part of the Data Science path and while I’m trying to work on various projects, I’m wondering what kind of SQL related programs I should learn about.
Or do I need to learn any SQL program as long as I have know my way around sql queries and building tables?

What do you mean by SQL related program?

The two SQL programs I use are sqlite3 and postgres. I use a raspberry pi 3B+ with debian linux. The command line interfaces are slightly different, but the basic commands are the same as we learn in the Codecademy SQL course.

You can also run SQL from Python scripts.

I made a quick search for jobs that require SQL and they ask knowledge of programs/applications like: MySQL or PostgreSQL.
I might have wrongly referred to SQL related programs, when I should’ve have said databases management applications.

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Here’s a good tutorial on open source relational databases. After viewing this, I downloaded PostgreSQL for practice along with sqlite3. They also mention MySQL.

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Thank you for the help. It seems that answers to what I was looking for.

I also use http://essaypapers.reviews/ when I need to find the necessary information

The SQL subreddit is alive and well. There’s often lively discussion on resources for learning.