What skill do I need to finish this project?

Hello guys

Kind of lost on what path to pursue next. I want basically to build a web app that is a document generator : it would ask the user a couple of questions (like a smart form). Based on the answer (variable), the next page should display a set of strings.

Ex: Form should display:

“Are you married ?”

Answer possible : Yes or No (in a selection list)

Next page, when form is submitted :

If yes : You will need a wedding certificate.
If no : « Empty strings here »

I am right in the middle of the “Build Python Web Apps with Flask”, but have the feeling that it’s not going exactly where I Want to go. What should I learn specifically to resolve my problem (Jinja maybe ? get deeper into flask? Use basic html form ? Something else :smiley: ?)

Thank you very much for your help !

hi @board2885685839 ,

based on your question and responses, I’m assuming you’d like the output to be displayed on a web page. If that’s the case, Jinja (Templating Syntax) is necessary to display values necessary from the backend to frontend.

as for “smart form” that you’re referring, i’ve no idea what exactly is that with reference to the exercise(s) you’ve received from Codecademy.

Hope the above helps.

Hi @estforesta

Thanks for the tip, for the smart form, I am not referring to any exercice in particular. I just want the form to look like this :

Q1. Are you married ?
(If answer to Q1 is “YES” then ask:)
Q2 : Were you married for the last 5 years ?

Here if user answer “no” to the first question, the form won’t even ask him Q2 (as it makes no sense).

For that, JavaScript alone can do the job just fine.

That’s likely to be manipulated from the front end for user-friendliness.

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