What size screen are you all working with?

Hi all,

This is just a general question… hoping this is the right place to post…I am learning to code on a macbook 13inch and have realised it can be tricky to keep flicking between everything when I am working on a project. Whats everyone else using? I am feeling a dual monitor would work well to keep everything in front of me…


Yea dual monitor is the way to go. You don’t need anything fancy but it’s just really nice for a lot of different use-cases.

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I have a laptop with a 17" screen that I’m using atm, I think it’s more aptly described as a mobile desktop. :laughing:
My old setup that needs some work is a full tower with 2 LCDs, 20 and 22 inch, mounted on ergotron lx arms. I never used it for programming before, but they support rotating your screen 180 degrees so you can see more code. There’s also a 55" hdtv on the wall above the LCDs but that’s for entertainment. There’s no such thing as too much screen. :laughing:

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Yeah im feeling a purchase is on the horizon :smiley:

phew that sounds awesome!! I have got an OLED I guess I could hook up as well…

I’m just using a 2014 15" Macbook which works quite well, along with an app called Rectangle which aids in keeping my windows organised.

1 or 2 external screens will definitely help, but no complaints with just the Macbook.


I’d second this, good quality window management (especially when you learn the keyboard, or gesture, shortcuts) counts for a lot. Mixing tiled and floating windows in the workspace is ideal for me; just as long as they can be shifted about easily. I can and have worked on a single screen but I do like having an additional screen that can rotate to 90, the quality is unimportant but reading that way is much nicer (I probably spend more time reading than writing anyway).


Nice! Ill check out rectangle too! Currently getting used to gesture shortcuts on my mac and can confirm they definitely help! just out of interest - im using a macbook 2019. I am guessing it will be easy to find a second screen thats compatible?


I’ve not tried rectangle itself but by all means give it a go; I think snapping and tiling windows are brilliant (the multiple workspaces on osx fit nicely with this too). The mac I used to have was a little bit older and it seemed to support most screens (at various points I’d have used vga, dvi & hdmi) but it was a case of getting the right adapter for the thunderbolt port (eventually found one that had all of those in one). Just double check the options for the monitor you’re using and make sure they match up (a wee web search to double check the support might save you some trouble down the line as well).

If you wanted more peripherals on that some port then you might need a separately powered dock (price starts to add up here). Probably worth a bit of research into your own requirements/budget so a lot of looking before you leap, just in case.

I don’t use dual monitors but they are very useful.

I have a 14 inch screen laptop where coding is pretty fine for me .

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As we are a blog about web technologies and as we are nomad digital, we only use Ipad Pro resolution.

there is clearly a lake of non adaptation of a lot of ressources for tablet

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