What should I used as my foregin key in SQL

Hi, Please could someone offer some advice for the following query.

  • I’m not sure what the foreign key should be, id or score?

Now you need to find out which subreddits have the most popular posts. We’ll say that a post is popular if it has a score of at least 5000. We’ll do this using a WITH and a JOIN .

First, you’ll need to create the temporary table that we’ll nest in the WITH clause by writing a query to select all the posts that have a score of at least 5000.

Next, place the previous query within a WITH clause, and alias this table as popular_posts .

Finally, utilize an INNER JOIN to join this table with the subreddits table, with subreddits as the left table. Select the subreddit name , the title and score of each post, and order the results by each popular post’s score in descending order.

WITH popular_posts AS (


FROM posts

WHERE score >= 5000


SELECT subreddits.name, popular_posts.title, popular_posts.score

FROM subreddits

INNER JOIN popular_posts

ON subreddits.id = popular_posts.id

ORDER BY popular_posts.score DESC;

The column from the original table from which you use as a foreign key should be unique, non-null and all that good stuff (even if it is not in the table of interest). So consider which columns fit the bill for this.

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