What should I learn within Python?

Hi, I have learned most basics within Python. Since Python is such a broad language I am wondering what I should go more in depth in using Python. I want to create my own projects, but I have problems in what I should focus on. If you have any ideas, please answer.

It depends on what you like and what you’re around (your friends and colleagues).

What would you/they find useful/fun?

Yeah, also what are you interested in about python?

It would be fun to create some type of game or use python that has spesifically to do with math. I do want to figure out how to create graphs and similar in Python.

For graphs, Python Pandas is probably the way to go. To create games-I suppose you could use something like Django, although I’m not sure. Using any Python can be used for math-it depends on how you like the UI.

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Unless the user means graphs from graph theory :smiling_imp:
In which case look into the Maze Explorer exercise in the computer science career path syllabus :slight_smile:


I will look into them both. Thanks.