What should I learn to program video games?


im interested in making games, but I don’t know which language to learn that would be best for this. I have learned some python but nothing else. what should I do?


Games is a broad term. A simple game could be done with pygames (python)

while more complicated games use tools like unreal engine 4 (c++) and unity (c# i think).


I am only starting so probably would be basic and a good foundation which I could build onto


Hopefully this helps!


Hello, it all depends on what type of games you want to create. For example, I’m working as a part of a gamedev team at mummys gold. We’re primarily using JavaScript. It’s not too hard to create games like slots or some singleplayer card games if you’re working in a team. If you’re going to work solo - it’s way MUCH harder. If you’re going to be an indie game developer - you’re good soloing it all. Well, unless you dream of creating such a masterpiece like “Transistor” or “Bastion” by Supergiant Games. If you want to create something bigger - you need a team. A big team. Besides, learning gamedev tools might take you an eternity. Focus on something and improve in that filed. No need to know EVERYTHING although you should work on it :slight_smile: