What should I learn to develop this project?

Hi Codeacademy members! I’m pretty new at coding and I’m looking for some guidance…

I’d like to develop a basic web & mobile app project and need some guidance on what should I learn (what coding language, platforms or tools).

The idea is basically to develop a space where a Boss or Owner can create a project; for example for ppl in the construction industry, to create: “Building at Main Ave”.

They will be able to add collaborators to the project (The civil engineer, construction officers, etc) and these collaborators will be able to upload photos (with captions) with their smartphones to the mobile app, statements and documents (pdf, words and excell sheets) so that the Boss or Owner can see how the project “Building at Main Ave” is going in their mobile app or web app on hia laptop in his office without having to visit the building on site.

I know it’s a pretty basic thing, as there is plenty of similar services that offer this kind project management tools.

So this platform needs to be able to create and manage “projects”. Save files in the cloud (to the assigned projects) and to be able to comment on them.

Would you recommend me a platform that helps develop these kind of things with no coding online, or to develop this web & mobile app myself? If so, what language and platform should I focus on?

Many thanks and if this message is confusing, please let me know to try to explain it better :pray:

Cheers guys, appreciate the help.


I’m not sure if no-code would already allow for this. I doubt it though.

Since you want both a web and mobile app(s), I’d consider React and React Native.

I’d assume you’d want to cover both iOS and Android. React Native would cover both with a single codebase.

What you’ll need to do first is learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then React.

You could also do it with Ionic, using the same languages.

Or, you could learn Dart and Flutter, which covers iOS, Android, and web since Flutter 2. With this, you only need to learn Dart and how Flutter works, no other languages.

Really up to you :wink:


Hey! I’ve been reading and watching some articles and videos about Dart and Flutter and it looks to be just what I was looking for!
Many thanks for your help :pray:t4: I appreciate it, really grateful

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Do you know if any courses here at Code Academy are Dart or (later on) Flutter oriented? Thanks

Not yet, but Dart is coming sometime this year :wink:

Codecademy Releases Roadmap

If you cannot wait, this course is a really good one.

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