What Should I Learn to Create Games?

Hi I am Matthias

I want to learn to program games what code should I learn? i hope to learn a lot from codecademy some of the coding i'm interested in are

  1. HTML
  2. java
  3. python
  4. hope to work with all of you answering and asking questions. thanks for reading bye

it depends on what game it is in my opinion but HTML is for very basic games found on webpages so it’s up to you. However Java is used for some pretty good games such as Minecraft so if you want to make a game similar to Minecraft, then Java is the way to go.

To get started with creating games, I would recommend doing some command line JavaScript stuff, like on the ‘Make Your Own Adventure’ and ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ courses. You could also do some command line Python, like on the ‘Battleships’ course. This will help you get a good grasp on the logic needed for making games.

Then, when you’re comfortable, maybe transition to some HTML games to be made in your browser of choice. These will get you used to working with graphics.

To make some more powerful, more professional games, you can download a game engine called Unity3D for free. There’s also tutorials and documentation to learn from at https://unity3d.com/learn. You can choose between coding in JavaScript, C# or Boo (not too popular), and you would code with the Unity-provided module in your chosen language. You may wish to choose JS as you would have more experience in that language. Making games with Unity helps you to understand game-making in a bit more depth, while still making it easy to create games.
Alternatives to Unity3D are game engines like Gamemaker (paid) and Unreal Engine (now free!).

If you want to go even further, I would recommend learning either C++ or Java (I prefer Java, but that’s probably just a question of preference). You can learn the syntax for those languages, then learn about a graphics module for the chosen language.
The reason I didn’t suggest learning python instead of C++ or Java is because, although Python is a high-level language, it isn’t built for programming user interfaces - especially with the complexity a game would bring.

Hope this helps!