What should I learn now?


i completed learning html and css today so what should i learn now first jquery or java script


Umm depends on your projects what you need to start with first..

Javascript course is quite long as there's a lot to learn while jQuery is much shorter..

Do jQuery first if you want to get started with websites with some special features and functions and then you can learn JavaScript (jQuery won't take very long)


thanks a lot for guiding me sir




i started learning python earlier but i found it to be a little difficult so i put a halt to it and thought to start with html and css. Moreover i have completed python 26% and i will continue with it later


There's not much of a need to learn python and javascript, as they mainly are used for the same things. If you have already started python, I would continue with that.


what courses do you like the most.?
and how many u have completed


I did HTML/CSS first, then I did command line and a bit of jquery/javascript. A little way through I tried python instead, and liked it much more.


I have also started ruby.


how is ruby?????is it nice?


???are you there.any replies


Yes ruby is a nice language.


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I belive @zainabrawat is a ma'am :slight_smile:

You sound like @zystvan :wink:

Continue at your own pace, if you rush then you may not understand what you're learning (FYI, copying others' code doesn't help anybody), and if you don't like a language, or don't fancy learning it right now, don't do it! It's completely your choice.

If you need help with anything, I would be happy to try and help as much as I can.