What should I learn after this basic command line introduction?


Now that I know the basics of navigating, what should I learn next to continue growing familiar with the command line?


If you’re a Pro member, you’ve got access to the upcoming projects and quiz that will help reinforce the basics you just learned. If not, there are still three more lessons coming up on command line usage!

If you want personal practice, try doing stuff on your own computer with what you just learned.
If you’re on a Mac, you can use the built in Terminal program to do all this.
If you’re on a Windows computer, check out this guide to set up Git Bash. Don’t worry about understanding Git if you don’t, this tool allows you to use all the commands you’ve just learned.

Try navigating around, creating folders and files, and finding your way back to where you started.
And try seeing how you can use the path to a directory to more quickly create files and directories!

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Are there any lessons on awk?
I just went through the whole command line intro hoping there would be some awk stuff but there’s nothing on it. When are the other 3 lessons coming out?

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The lesson was very Informative and Awsomeee

What do you mean by “awk”?

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