What should I do?


Why can't I go on since I think it's written right? When I put (3) for a nth-child the third paragraph gets bigger, but the third paragraph is the 4th child of the body and I have to make the 4th child with a font-size 26px ... It doesn't accept it either way or I'm blind and I can't see my mistake... Please help!


well, this css code only works if your html code is correct, can i see your html code? please copy and paste the code, rather then uploading a image


:nth-child(X) should be applied to a p selector not the body selector. In it's current state, your css is declaring that body is the third child of it's parent.

p:nth-child(3) {
    font-size: 26px;


So far i really enjoyed your answer, but here i have to correct you. There are actually (assuming correct html code) two solutions for this exercise:



body :nth-child(4)

with body :nth-child, not the space between the space between body and nth-child, this way you select the 4th element inside body. And maybe surprising, that it is p:nth-child(4) and not p:nth-child(3), nth-child counts all elements, and if the element matches, "execute" the css code between the curly brackets, a better way to explain this would be to say that p:first-child will not get "executed"/applied because the first element is a h3, not a paragraph, so it is not a match. If you wish to only count the paragraphs, you need nth-of-type. nth-of-type will not work in this exercise


hi, I am having the same problem with the same exercise, failing to proceed. see below both my HTML and CSS code. please help, where am I going wrong?


	    <p class="fancy">Class fancy</p>
	    <p id="serious">IF Serious</p>
	    <p>i am so stuck</p>


/*Add your CSS below!*/

.fancy {
font-family: cursive;
color: violet;

serious {

font-family: Courier;
color: #8c8c8c;



body :nth-child(4) {
font-size: 26px;


you have an additional opening curly bracket after your serious closing curly bracket:

serious {

font-family: Courier;
color: #8c8c8c;


{ <- remove this one

body :nth-child(4) {


Thank you so much, that worked. And I see and understand why it was not working.


Mine finally worked, out of nowhere. It was working with p: nth-child(3) but it wasn't accepting it like that. In the hint they wanted me to write exactly what I have wrote - body :nth-child (4) { etc. with the space between body and :nth-child and a (4) because the third paragraph is the 4th child of the body. So the correct was body :nth-child(4) of course, the problem was that I couldn't proceed somehow for no reason. But finally it worked, so ... It's ok now.
I'm sorry for my delay, but I just got the notification that someone actually answered my post.
Thank you! :slightly_smiling:


That makes sense, thanks for the correction!