What should I do if I want to Rails locally?

I want to experiment with rails on my PC. I don’t know what to do though.
What can I do for this?

rails has a website with documentation and so on, which also include installation instructions.

Do I have to use OS X?

no, you can also install it on windows but i find these things to work so much better on linux

Here’s a list of tutorials by Codecademy for Ruby and Ruby on rails

Link inside the first tutorial that said about download ruby 2.2.1 here doesn’t work? I mean, there is no link there?

there is even a rubyinstaller,so installing ruby should be super easy

Thank you very much for the link!

I find windows a pain to work with for backend web development (which rails is), i prefer linux, all i needed to to install ruby and rails:

sudo pacman -S ruby; gem install rails


Yeah… I’d like that option too for later. I’m still learning my way around VM, docker container, and linux.

why bother to learn docker and VM? I wouldn’t host your website on your own personal computer. Developing on your laptop/pc? Fine. Hosting? I would highly advise against it

And for developing you don’t need docker or VM

The docker is for Database for my data analysis with R?

Then docker is useful, you seem to have big plans. On which OS are you going to install rails now?