What should I choose!

I am a graphic designer for more than 10 years now although I am a computer science graduate. For some reason, I get into designing and have been ever since I graduated but in my college days I was in love with coding, pascal, COBOL, and visual basic 6 were the languages we are using back then. Now I am torn between what path to use I am thinking of full stack developer so I can still use my skill as a graphic designer or should I go with data science since it’s a bit promising especially in the dawn of AI that we are in right now.

The beauty of the Front End is the freedom with which we may express (present) our content and the endless array of possibilities that modern CSS offers. Might one recommend you explore that avenue, exclusively before coding creeps in and corrupts one’s creativity. It is not coding, but design. You can leverage your creativity and presentation expertise, now, and leverage your coding wherewithal from the past somewhere down the road. For my own part, I wish I had the skill of a graphics designer when I was building sites based entirely on CSS, which even without said skills still rendered some not too bad designs. Way too many people have glossed over CSS without giving it so much as an under the hood peek at its real potential. Don’t be one of them.