What should a freelance developer consider while selecting PHP frameworks?

Hypertext preprocessor or PHP is a server-side and open-source scripting language. As of August 2021, around four-fifths of the existing websites use PHP during development. With no signs of the popularity of PHP subsiding, it is high time businesses start to focus on PHP development if they haven’t already. Some of the most popular websites like Wikipedia and Facebook run using PHP.

A PHP framework streamlines the development process of web applications by providing a structure to them. Adopting the right frameworks can help you make the development process efficient. Additionally, the integration of PHP frameworks allows a business to improve the responsiveness and user experience of the applications and websites.

As a freelance PHP developer, you should think carefully before selecting a PHP framework. Below are some criteria you can keep in mind to help you:

  • Support provided by the framework: While coding, you are bound to encounter bugs and errors. Hence, you should have a point-of-contact that can address your queries and concerns. This point is interrelated with the popularity of the framework. The framework community can be an important factor to help you navigate through any hindrance you might face while working on PHP development.

  • Communities available: While selecting a PHP framework, you should prefer the community-driven ones. Thus, you can be sure that a dedicated team is working to improve the framework consistently.

  • Popularity: The popularity of the framework is linked to the above points. If you adopt such frameworks, PHP testers working on the application will have online resources to fall back on if they get stuck at some point.

Building scalable applications: In today’s world, scalability is an integral factor while making any decision. You should work on a framework that allows you flexibility and is easily scalable in the future.