What Route Should I Do

Hello! I am a newbie at coding! And i dont know what to pick! please help!

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Hello and welcome on the forums :grinning:

That totally depends on you, as a starter I would recommend to start with the Code Foundations Path beacuse they cover how to learn programming and much more, but if you want to get into it I would say to start Web Development path, so you can learn how to create websites and then you could publish your creations and much more, you could even create HTML5 games.

I wouldn’t recommend Data Science path, because that isn’t that much beginner friendly, I know that Codecademy teaches programming and everything very well, and they also teach python and SQL there but I wouldn’t start with that, but you can definitely get back to it when you have some experience in programming, but this is only my opinion about it so if you would like to start with it then you can because you would learn python and SQL at the beginning which would definitely help.

Here’s the full catalog of available courses and paths on Codecademy.

Hope this helps :grinning: