What python version do they use?


In python what version do they use to teach us?


Hi @galaxywing01,

import sys
ver = sys.version_info[:3]
print "Codecademy teaches Python {:d}.{:d}.{:d}".format(*ver)

Output ...

Codecademy teaches Python 2.7.3


Thanks. One more question How can you make your own python project on codecademy?


One option is labs repl.it

Going beyond Codecademy, there are many other online Python interpreters. See PythonAnywhere, for example.

At python.org and other sites, you can download Python for your local machine. Also see Anaconda.

There are lots of other choices.

Suggestions, anyone else?


Thanks you so much! I checked out anaconda and i have one question about anaconda if you have the answer. What is the differences between anaconda and miniconda?


Anaconda includes lots of scientific computing packages for use with Python. Miniconda does not include those packages, however they can be installed individually.


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