What programs can you make games with python

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Please restate your question in a proper way.

If you want to program games, try PyGame

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i’m not sure exactly you mean when you’re asking what programs you can make python games with but if you go onto the python site you can download python from there.
If I’ve read this completely wrong then feel free to just rephrase and ask again in a reply:)

I also recommend PyGame, I’ve just checked out the site about an hour ago as I want to get into creating games myself and the community looks great, you can work with a lot of other aspiring game developers on the site.

I’ve heard that PyGame is good, but I haven’t tried it because I’m not very good at Python (better at JS), but it’s probably worth checking out.

@dylaninteger I think the question was How do you make games in Python? or something like that, just guessing.

If what @jibblyj said is correct then the best thing I can suggest is simply completing the python course on here and then go on to watch youtube video tutorials and things like that until you eventually get the hang of python and you know what you’re doing so that you’ll be able to create games from your own knowledge and not just tutorials.

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There’s also a couple of books that might be of interest: Al Sweigart’s “Invent your own computer games with Python” and “Making games with Pyton and PyGame”. Both books seem to be using the version 3 of Python, though.