What programming language should I learn?

My goal is to build an commerce website like shopify, volusion, bigcommerce, or magento etc. just to name a few examples.

My client must be able to log in with a password and a username to gain priviledged information to gain access (like codecademy) to their own personal profile page, account information, and dashboard which will release special pricing, deals of the week etc.

Which languages do I need to learn to do so, and how long would it take to realistically learn them?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jay,

To do something like that, I’d say you would need to learn:

  • HTML for page structure/content
  • CSS to make stuff look good
  • JavaScript for interaction
  • Possibly jQuery, to make JS stuff easier
  • Ruby (on Rails), PHP, or Python (Django) for the dynamic part
  • Some basic database stuff

And I’d say it would take at least a year of working fairly hard on learning to code to be able to make what you want.