What programming Language should I learn if I want to build Software that communicate with printers

Currently right now I’m learning C++ and C#. However I’ve been trying to get information on which language and open source code to learn how to create software that communicate with printers such as DTG printers. I know I’m new and it’s a long stretch to start create complex programs like that. But I set my goal to create a software like that. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction?

I’ve only ever done minor tweaks to existing drivers and that was terrifying enough so don’t take my word as gospel. So far as I’m aware the majority of drivers are written in C or C++. A search for some getting started guides (writing or developing drivers) would probably be wise so you can at least lay out what you’d need to learn before starting. Architecture/OS considerations would be important too, so make sure you focus on the one you actually want to use.