What Programme Do I Use to Make a Website?


So I’ve been using this website for a few days now, and let me just say what a brilliant website this is. Anyway back to my post, and soon I will be ready to take up the challenge and create a proper website with all that CSS, JavaScript stuff. But my problem is, where do I do the coding, as in the programme I use?
I am looking to create a full website, so I would need something capable of course.
I mean what do the giant companies like Facebook, Amazon, eBay etc use?

Also, what is the process of making a website, as in what do I need to make it online like the servers, domains etc.

Thanks for your time :r:smiley:

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Program to make website I think you referring to what text editor ? There are many out there some are:

I’m going to run you through quickly how to get your website live:

  1. You need to buy hosting, shared hosting is good for starters, look for a reputable & affordable company.
  2. Domain - You can buy any domain .com or a geographic(for your country/area) domain.

Your host, hosts your website files and through the nameserver it connects to your domain…

Your host will provide you with a control panel so that you can upload files…

For now you don’t actually need to worry as the hosting company will have tutorials and support who will help you if you need anything…


Big companies like facebook and whatever probably use super cool IDEs that are so cool that the people who developed the IDE required them to pay 10,000$ for, so unless you’re just drowning in cash, I’d go for a free IDE or a simple text editor.

@tehluigi Actually no, large companies (like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.) usually use normal code editors just like the rest of us :slight_smile: