What program should I learn first?

What can I learn which can benefit me in the real world?

Depends on what you want to do.

If it’s supposed to go on the web (sharing with other people) then you will need html, probably css, and if it’s supposed to do anything at all aside from displaying a page you’ll need javascript.
If that was a house then html would be the walls, roof, floor, css would be the curtains, rugs, plants, and javascript would be the tv, stereo, dishwasher, etc

For anything else, for things that are only supposed to run on your own machine, python probably does it for you (and is a whole lot nicer to deal with than javascript and web pages)

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I suggest going for HTML & CSS first, as it is extremely useful and also gives you a basic feel of coding. As you finish the courses, you can start Python, Ruby or JAVAScript courses. Progressing from easy levels to hard ones helps a lot in understanding each code.(At least it’s what I believe in:D )

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