What program is used to do html coding?


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What program is used to do html coding?

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any text-editor would do, if you want to you could even use notepad. Personally, i would use something a bit more designed for programming (notepad++,sublime text, atom)

i would recommend atom, just save the file as html file like you would save a docx file.

These two Codecademy articles should help you start coding in HTML outside of the Codecademy code environment:

  1. Text Editors : Atom and Sublime (https://www.codecademy.com/articles/text-editors-sublime-atom)
  2. Create and View a Web Page on Your Computer (https://www.codecademy.com/articles/local-web-page)
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Thank you for time and suggestion.

Could I possibly use Atom for CSS?

@mindful_coder articles are also absolutely worth the read, or if you prefer videos:

i would recommend atom since it is free, but this video nicely shows how to save html files.

Yes, you can write many languages in text-editors:
and more

Thank you very much for your help.

you can even write js code in a text-editor, and many more languages, see edit on earlier answer, some might require additional software to run, but html, css and js can all be run in the browser (which i assume you have installed :stuck_out_tongue: )

in short, when you visit a website your browser sends a request (for example to codecademy), and you get html and css files (and images) in return, then your browser reads the files, and displays the output.

if you create html files on your computer, the browser render them directly from your hard disk, this will load fast. If you visit codecademy, your browser makes a request to the codecademy server (over the internet), the request is verified, and then the files are send back, this will take longer obviously.

browsers are one complicated piece of software

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