What path to take / language to learn

How to pick the right programming language and path for you

1) Get foundational knowledge

Not sure where to start or what career path to follow? These quick resources should help. First, watch these videos:

Then take our “sorting” quiz, and finally get a sample of different languages and paths yourself with our code foundations path (after all, you’re the best judge of what you like and are good at). Together, all this context will at least help you to ask better questions about where to go. You can easily finish the code foundations path in a few hours so if you aren’t a Pro member you can get it done quickly during the 7-day Pro trial.

2) Do a deeper dive

Want even more? Check out this guide to demystify web and software development languages, and this one for a deep dive into advice for new coders including language / career choices. There’s a wealth more resources here on the forums and the web at large but remember the advice to not spend too long wondering how to start and what to start with - just get going!

3) Talk with your friends and peers in the coding community!

If you still have more questions now that you have some foundational knowledge and have eliminated some common misconceptions… that’s not a bad thing, it just shows you’re curious and hungry to make the right choice. You are welcome to chat right here on the forums over in the #community:tips-and-resources section, on our Facebook group, or in the Pro community. Trust us, people have been in your situation before and can help guide you, but you do need to ask educated questions. Don’t forget to pay it forward and help the next generation after you!

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