What other plot types can be used when modeling data?



In the context of this exercise covering the Modeling and Analysis step of the data science process, what other plot types can be used to model the data?


During this step of the data science process, you can utilize any type of plot or graph to model the data. However, it is important to choose visualizations that are relevant and communicate your data in a clear and meaningful way.

For example, if we are trying to show the relationship between two variables, like time versus the price of a stock, a pie chart would probably not work. Instead, you would most likely use a scatterplot or line plot. Another example is if you are trying to show categorical data, like the number of students by college major, for which a bar chart would work, while a KDE plot might not.

The data science libraries Matplotlib and Seaborn provide many useful types of plots and graphs. Feel free to check these out so that you can learn some ways you might model your data.