What other event handlers are there?


In the context of this exercise, what other event handlers are there?


React supports a large variety of event handlers for many different actions, including clipboard events such as copying and pasting, keyboard events like pressing a key, form events such as submitting a form, mouse events like the onClick event covered in this exercise, and many more.

Several common event handlers are listed as follows:

The onDoubleClick event handler is similar to onClick, but triggers when there is a double click, or two clicks in quick succession.

onDrag is another event handler used when an element or text selection is being dragged on a page.

onInput is used for when the values of input elements have been altered.

The onKeyDown event handler occurs when the user presses any keyboard key.

The onSubmit event handler triggers when a form has been submitted.

To check out all the available event handlers, you can see the official React documentation, under the SyntheticEvent section.


I suggest to bookmark this page. It contains all the event handlers in React.


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