What next?


After Finishing HTML and CSS Part I, what should I do now? What should I do first Design(Javascript, JQuery, Sass ) Or Developper(Php or Flask or something).
Please help me out I am confused!
Thanks in advance!


This depends on what you want. You could do:
javascript -> make your website interactive
jquery -> javascript library to help you make your website more interactive
sass -> save time on writing you css code

which is all front-end development. Then there is back-end development:

php -> laravel (php framework)
ruby -> ruby on rails (ruby framework)
Golang -> I don't know, just know Golang can be used for back-end
javascript -> nodejs (js famework)
python -> django, flask or pyramid (python frameworks)

This covers the languages (and some of the frameworks) for back-end development, the choice is yours, which direction you want to go?


So the list of languages I need to cross out before I can make beautiful interactive websites that can also store data is:

In Order of learning:

Is this a good plan or am I missing something.
And thanks alot!


i would do the following order:

html and css

i would leave SASS for now, you can do that later.

learn javascript first, since Jquery is written in javascript. You can also do the at the same time, but having some javascript knowledge is nice before starting jquery

For storing data we use a database. PHP is often used with MYSQL. To retrieve data from a database we use SQL (structured query language), PHP can make SQL query's.

but learning a bit about SQL and databases wouldn't be bad.