What next

How to actually practice this c++. What to build where to go?
I mean what next after finishing this course?
How to advance ???

I would say try to come up with a project (or mini-project) that is attainable within your current skill set (or just slightly above it) and is achievable to make in 2-4 weeks. If you have issues coming up with project ideas you can ask your friends for things they might need or want a program to do (you might have to break it down to just doing the first step of what they’re desired program does).

The process of working in an individual project just has so many factors that you don’t get from book learning. I think both are invaluable tools on the journey to become a more complete programmer. And while not everyone learns by reading books, all (at least to my knowledge) have to go through the process of making projects to progress at some point.

@peachesmotorsports suggests Project Euler for project ideas if you’re stuck not being able to think of any. But additionally there are supplementary skills you may want to pick up (which he also details in this post here). For example, being minimally proficient with git and the command-line.

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Is there some project I can look at. Like javascript todo app or you know meal generator or something.Something like that written with c++?

Thanks for the shoutout. The posts linked are a good way to start, Project Euler will definitely keep you busy. The good thing about Project Euler is that you can complete the tasks with ANY language.

Something else I’ve suggested which I’m doing myself is to get a Raspberry Pi. There are a lot of cool projects you can make with it, and something you can do to kick it up a notch is to do the Project Euler tasks in the Pi!. Get yourself a tiny screen (or a bigger one), write the code, and have it display the results.

I’m personally using the Pi (arrives today) to expand my knowledge of Python, I have a project I want to apply it to. I’m not sharing the details on it because it’s something I can potentially sell.

I do have a couple of projects that I’ve considered sharing here for people to do, BUT I haven’t had time to write down the requirements. I don’t like giving ambiguous or incomplete requirements, once those are ready I’ll post something up.

In the meantime, you can also browse youtube. I really want to do this. It’s absolutely pointless but pretty cool.

You might want to check some specific c++ forums where people share projects. I haven’t checked out the c++ subreddit but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one where things are shared.