What music do you listen to when you code?

I’m jamming out to Pat Metheny.

I always listen to jazz.


I listen to a mix of old timey music, jazz, and modern pop. Some lofi as well. :slight_smile:


I usually listen to movie scores :upside_down_face:

This one in particular helps me focus A LOT, probably because I feel like I’m doing something really important :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I listen mostly to country and Christian, though I also like music by Thomas Bergerson and Lindsey Sterling.

Welcome to the forums @burnedfaceless!! :grinning:

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I, too usually have my local Jazz station, WBGO on (quietly) in the background or one of the several jazz channels on google music (read: McCoy Tyner, John Coltrane, Ray Bryant, Monk, Harold Mabern, Horace Silver, etc.)
Silence is also good too.

Nice! You have good tastes in jazz.

Just discovered this yesterday. Didn’t know Jazz/Bossa covers of Studio Ghibli songs was a thing.


I’ve had mixed successes with background music whilst trying to concentrate.

I either tend to go for some chilled house music, or some specific artists/albums that I’ve found to be good at β€œbackground”.

A good example of the kind of music I mean is this:


I mainly listen to Powfu, Beababoodoo, Ed Sheeran, and sometimes Avicii (out of both tribute and respect).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qap5aO4i9A Amazing relaxing beats by ChilledCow

Been listening to playlists on youtube. Lately it’s been some Black Sabbath and Dio playlists. But currently listening to an 80’s sing along playlist.

But if something’s really concept heavy, and can’t handle words in the background my go-to’s are:
FFXIV - Papaya (on repeat)
Tenchi Muyo OST


The Social Network soundtrack, baby!

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blacklite district its gooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd

Depends on the mood.



Punk Essentials
Heavy Queens
90s Acoustic
The Phantom of the Opera
00s Rock Anthems
This is: Pavarotti
Classic Essentials
Peaceful Piano
Foo Fighters

Or I can just turn my amp on and practice the bass. My neighbors love me (that was sarcasm)


I can barely do either of these simultaneously. That sounds like witchcraft hahaha :smile: but when I do it’s usually hip hop instrumentals or nature sounds that I listen to while I code.

When I code, I usually listen to TXT (Tomorrow X Together).

Here are some of the songs I listen to most:

You guys should definitely check them out!

All of TXT’s discography is awesome!!! :heart_eyes:

Kpop haters, please don’t roll your eyes…

Kpop is the music of my country!

Do I mock your music? NO!

Anyways… Good Luck!
β€” Yoona :blue_heart:


I listen to a lot of instrumental stuff, esp. film score. Anything with lyrics distracts me. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a lot of fantastic instrumental tracks on YouTube by indie artists one would never find otherwise. :smile: As far as genres go…I listen to a lot. Film score and folk are my favorites, although instrumental metal does occasionally make it in. And electronic. And classical. Like I said, lots of different genres.


Like listening to modern-day pop, or Beethoven. My favorite songs from both styles would be Moonlight Sonata and Borderline (ft.Missy Elliot)).

For me i listen to instrumentals from Yanni and Kenny Rogers. I as well love songs from Enya, Jon Bellion, Passenger as well

I listen to dank lofi beats. (a big twoset fan, i find the brett & eddy ones realxing)

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