What Music and Computers have in Common

I’ve always liked to kick back by listening to listening to the latest pop hits (Comment down below who your favourite singer is!), or listening to classical music whenever I’m studying, which is why I was inspired by this post. With back to school starting (for most of us on this forum, I bet), there’s no doubt that to get through our everyday struggles or to just keep living, music will be our aid for whenever we’re stressed. But how do they tie into computer science? The science behind music and their impact on our lives is a phenomenon constantly being reevaluated by researchers, from the role of synthesis to movement of someone’s body being translated into sound energy, it’s insane. I really like how computer science has been evolving like this, but I just think it somewhat takes away from appreciating old classics. Because can I be real, no one listens to Beethoven anymore, like the guy’s last album came out like a millennium ago! Making music has always been a way to socialize and bring a community together, and it’s really strengthening now even more, which is great! Like no complaints, I’m glad the queens be dominating the industry, and helping expand their network, because that usually means more music for us. But this in some ways, can also cause problems, believe it or not. Feedback from audiences, live shows, and other events that help mold singers to become human in the public’s eyes can be edited by software, which creates a false impression for a lot of viewers that they’re idols are such authority figures. Don’t get me wrong, looking up to a public figure is great, but if they abuse this, then that just negatively impacts the follower. It deceives some people in a way, so can it be argued that it has a negative or positive impact? That’s just my take on this new technology, tell me what you think! I just wanted to share this with everyone to let them be informed, and I guess it it sort of my story on what I think about music and technology. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to some pop.:slight_smile:


I like to think of it like knowing assembly language or C. Relatively few programmers know it well (in proportional to the total amount of programmers), but in history it has been the backbone of our current programming languages and they shape how they were developed.

While the demand for Beethoven pales in comparison to modern pop, the sonority of a full orchestra still permeates all our movie, shows, video game, and commercial soundtracks… and it’s not something that is likely to go away. Of course, where do many of those modern composers begin to learn their craft? The classics.


Okay, first things first.

Some of my favorite artists
  • BTS
  • Falcon (Amanda Lindsey Cook)
  • Dante Bowe
  • Hillsong Young and Free
  • Jenna Raine
  • The Into The Spider-verse Soundtrack (yeah ik that’s an album and not an artist but :woman_shrugging:)

Is it too obvious that I’m a christian teen? :laughing:

Simply gotta agree with that. I love listening to “Epic Covers” of songs I like (Frostudio Chambersonic is probably my favorite Epic Covers channel).

Now back to computer science…I recently found this article here on CC, and I just found it really cool. Like, wow, you can do that? It also kind of scared me, cause…we could soon have machines write songs for us? Like, WHAAAAAT?! :flushed: :sweat_smile:

Lately I’ve been so amazed at how we can actually use technologies for seriously ANYTHING that interests us.


me who listens to this at least once per day :sweat_smile:


YASSS! What’s your favorite track? :nerd_face:

By track I hope you mean song, so Familia (but I love ALL of them). Also your Christian, programmer, artist, and a Marvel fan girl. Sis. :star_struck:

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OMG you are too?! Dang, I finally found someone like me here :star_struck: :nerd_face:
I LOVE Familia too (man I do love all of them :laughing:). But if I had to choose I think I’d go with Sunflower, it just never fails to put a smile on my face :yum:


Btw I read the article and I’m not surprised what machines are capable of doing. Now can you design one to do my homework for me? Please?


Ahaha, yeah, that would be amazing :laughing:
I honestly don’t know why I had such a limited…ummm…what’s the word…vision? Of what machines are able to do. I need to inform myself better lol

Did you know they have designed machines to cook and organize(?) food on plates in some resturants? I can’t wait to be able to help with things like that but I’m still in school which is taking up most of my time lately :confused:.

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Woah :open_mouth:

Same here, I’ve been working on a school project that leaves up almost no time for other things I love doing :sleepy:
I mean I try to always make time to learn about the things that truly interest me (and to draw), and I am usually able to, but lately school has just been nuts.

Thank God I’ve been homeschooled my whole life lol, otherwise I’d be struggling a lot in these times.

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That’s so cool, like what? Also I need a homework machine like stat guyss. Tell me about it. Realized I never told u my favourite artists. They are: Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Cardi B, and… that’s basically it. So, there’s that. Also, you’ve been home schooled for your whole life? Woah, I wonder what’s that like, I’ve always loved like going to school which is why even during the pandemic, I’ve decided to go. Actually, my first day is tomorrow!

Haha, yeah we all do :sweat_smile:

Tbh I don’t listen to any of those, so :no_mouth:

It’s actually pretty cool. My Dad is in charge, and let me tell ya, his brain never rests. He’s always coming up with new projects and new things he wants me to learn. He’s the one who got me into programming. So yeah, my homeschool is a lot of fun (even if it’s stressful sometimes…like right now) :sweat_smile:

Well, good luck, and stay safe! :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks, they’re not my only favourite artists,btw, so see if you like listening to anymore, some other i listen to are: Micheal Jackson, Mariah Carey, ABBA, Blackpink- (they’re new collab with Selena is sic, by the way) if that’s more your style?

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Dang, sorry pal, I don’t listen to any of those either (I guess I have a very specific music taste lol) :sweat_smile:

But I actually used to listen to Blackpink, and I still kind of do. (I like “How you like that?”)

Do you like k-pop in general or just Blackpink?

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Hey, i like k-pop I guess, but it was Blackpink who actually introduced me to the whole culture, so I listen to them a lot more. Occasionally, do listen to BTS, so does that work?

Oh I see. I only listen to BTS and (ocassionaly) Blackpink so yeah, I think that works :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pass that up and be the bigger fool. If you have time to learn then you have time to listen.


I usually listen to orchestra, Christian country, or fiddling.
Favorite artists would be Thomas Bergurson, Paul Overstreet, and Lindsey Sterling.

I also really enjoy the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. :violin: