What might I use instead of jquery effects?

Codecademy removed jquery from its web development path (on the day I happened to be working through it; no drama, I’ll finish it anyway!), explaining in their blog post:

…with all the improvements made to JavaScript over the last few years, jQuery is no longer an essential skill for every web developer to have in their skill set.

My question is: are there equivalent effects in JavaScript now (the improvements)? If not, how might I go about adding simple animated transitions to buttons and menus etc. without jQuery? Or is there another reason it’s not useful anymore?

I appreciate that I can still use jQuery; I ask more in terms of understanding current best practice, and learning more about the wider web dev context.

Thanks for your time.

For simple animations, jquery can still be good.

However, jquery is in decline given the other niches it used to occupy are gone. Jquery was born in a time, when cross browser support wasn’t good. Jquery solved this. You could make Ajax request with jquery for all browsers, and not having to write code to support all the different browsers

these days, we have better tools (fetch, axios) to make ajax requests, much better frameworks for extensive DOM manipulation (vueJS, reactJS and angular). Javascript now simple works on multiple browsers without having to write extra code.

so i agree with codecademy (jquery is no longer an essential skill), i think this is true, however this doesn’t mean you can’t use it. You just have to consider if jquery is the best fit for what you want to achieve.

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Thanks for your prompt and thorough reply. :pray:

That all makes sense. In can see that there’s a whole side of jquery of which I was unaware; I’ve not yet encountered ajax requests and issues of compatibility, nor the libraries you mentioned (though was aware of it all), but I see that I will do down the line.

Many thanks again!

and very likely you won’t encounter issues of compatibility, or at least a whole lot less then a few years ago.

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