What made you want to contribute to Docs?

Nice to meet you!

We would love to hear and learn why you decided to contribute to Docs. I’ll go first:

I’m one of the maintainers for Docs and what drew me to become involved was being able to contribute to live documentation. There’s something so rewarding about seeing an entry that I wrote on Codecademy.

What drew me to stay involved was communicating with others who contributed to Docs and sharing the same motivation to create reliable documentation.

All reasons are valid! Let us know what made you want to contribute to Docs :raised_hands:

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I think mine was so I could be on the leaderboard and say I contributed. Now a days its a good way to learn new things and review the stuff I already know.

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I love that! It’s been really cool seeing our incremental growth since the start of contributing to Docs, and I can relate to wanting to keep up on the leaderboard with some friendly competition. We’re neck-in-neck!

All good stuff, keep it coming @how_to_program :smiling_face:

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If Lyall becomes an active contributor this will happen again.

Not for long. I got 3 ideas for PRs plus my 2 open ones I will be ahead.

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I think mine was so I could be on the list of competitors and say I contributed. Presently a days its an effective method for learning new things and audit the stuff I definitely know. Popeyes Breakfast


Cool, thanks for sharing! It’s great that friendly competition is something we all have in common :slight_smile:

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do you know how to code in html or java or css