What languages should I learn in what order?

I am planning how Iā€™m gonna learn coding. So I decided to learn html, css, JavaScript, and then I will take front end engineering course and backend engineering course. when I finished all of them I want to take full stack engineering course for just review.

Do you think this is a good plan? Also, please give me a suggestion if you have something to suggest, and also please recommend the what language should I learn in the future. Thank you :slight_smile:

Assuming you are wanting to learn web development than those three are good to start with. One thing I would recommend is learning JavaScript first than HTML and CSS. The reason for this is that HTML and CSS are not true programming languages, both are used for displaying, instead of performing actions, computing, handling information, etc. A lot of times (though not always) you can get too comfortable with the ease of HTML and then when more difficult tasks come in with JavaScript you have a harder time grasping concepts.

Only a few months ago there was a major change to the Web Development paths, and included in the changes was to teach JavaScript before HTML and CSS so users would be less likely to get stuck.

One other thing to note for consideration is that the Web Development path teaches all three of the languages you are wanting to learn by interweaving the course work from Learn HTML, Learn CSS, and Learn JavaScript into it. Following that logic, you may end up covering a lot of the same information if you learn the three languages before taking the course. At the same time you also might find the Web Development paths easier if you already know the three languages.

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Thank you so much for very helpful advices! It actually helps me a lot :slight_smile: thank you

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