What Languages Do I Need To Know To Create A New Forum Software?


Hey all,

First post here, but I wanted to get this question out here. I’d like to create a new forum software, and I know the basic coding languages (HTML, CSS, Java, jQuery) from the Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 on Udemy.

However, I can’t find much info on what languages I would need to know to create an amazing new forum software. I’m willing to learn, just trying to find the direction.

I’d appreciate any help on where I need to focus my time.

Thank you!


The front end is not the only concern when it comes to creating forum software. That’s probably the easy part. There is a whole back-end concern that will need to be solidified. That means a database, login authentication, form validation, pre-processed response pages, requests, scalability, &c. The list goes on. It is not a simple matter.

We really must be fluent at front-end languages; that goes without saying. This is the part that affects the user experience. The back-end, though, that’s where we can break the user experience, literally. When all they see is a white screen, we’ve broken something. That’s kind of how failed responses turn out on the user’s end (client-side, front-end).


A new forum software, eh @tylerh1994? A worthy cause. Let me know if you wanna talk through it at a later stage. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response mtf! Yeah, definitely understand the importance of both sides. I was just wondering what back-end language(s) I would need to learn to start building my own custom forum software.

Would it be Python, Ruby, or anything? Combination of a few? Would love your input on what language(s) are best to dive into.


We’ll need to rely on more experienced members to chime in, here. My experience is limited to PHP on the back end, and no database knowledge, whatsoever.

Linux is pretty much at the heart of the backend (mind Apache and Windows are major players). Understanding servers is at the top of the list. CGI plays an important role. The most powerful languages for that purpose are C++ (C# for .net environment) and Java but these days Node.js is front and center, too.

Frameworks are pretty much the norm, but finding the right fit is something that will take a lot of research and getting your hands dirty. Master SQL as no matter which environment you settle with, they all need that. (PHP is married to MySql and Apache, or at least that was the case years ago.)


Ah ok, no problem. I’m still a “beginner” in code, so I’m still learning what all of this means lol. But I’ve been researching every language/framework you’ve mentioned so far.

If you have any contacts that you feel could answer this question, I’d greatly appreciate a connection.

Otherwise, I’ll keep asking around! Thank you for your info so far, has helped me to start diving into SQL (have done some PHP in the past, but need to brush up).