What Languages Are Important For All Developers to Know?

I’m asking this question because of course I want to become a developer :slight_smile: I’m not sure what kind yet, and I don’t mean what should each and every language I learn be, because I would be learning lots of languages on the side. What I mean is what languages would be really important for every developer to learn that they will almost certainly be using all the time?

For instance I know that it is very important to learn languages like SQL and then every developer should know basic html and css (even though html isn’t really considered a language) But I’m really curious as to what other languages would be really good to learn if I want to become a successful developer.

@williamwallacef14 What languages do you like? I’d say learn that one, and learn programming principles with it. Then, you can switch to a different language later if you decide you prefer it.

But really, pretty much any language you pick would be a fine choice to learn :slight_smile:

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This question isn’t really answerable. A web developer will certaintly need to know javascript, HTML, and CSS, but if you’re making an OS C, C++, and assembly are all pretty necessary. It just depends on what you want, the only thing that will be basically required is knowledge of programming concepts.


So I suppose just try to learn safe, modern, powerful languages that you enjoy :slight_smile: Thanks of the help.

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