What language would help me achieve my goal?


I’m new to the world of coding, I’m currently doing the HTML fundementals!.

Once I have completed this I would like to be able to move onto something like ruby, phython, php etc. to build one, or both, of the following systems:

  • Case Management System
  • Document system with drag and drop capabilities that can spit out .zips

What would be best to start?

python, ruby and python can all be used for the things you describe. The only other thing you are going to need is javascript (with jquery library if you like) for the drag and drop, the splitting depends on the rest of your applications, how you structure it, if you do this client side or server side.

What you are sketching now, is going to take you months. I would start with html + css, followed by javascript + jquery, and then pick a server side language: php, python, ruby, go, serverside javascript or something else. There are plenty.


Thank you for the reply @stetim94.

Do any of the free courses include instructions on creating an application?

It is has been ages since i done php, but i believe it isn’t very applications based. Then there is ruby on rails, a ruby framework, i am not sure it is part of the free courses. Do ruby and then RoR, that is focusing on building applications

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Thanks again @stetim94 I’m just going through the Javascript course at the moment, then I shall move on to Ruby.

Thanks for your assistance.

don’t forgot jquery, the drag and drop can be such much easier be done in jquery then js.

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