What language to learn after Ruby?

Just wondering what I should be focusing on if I plan on going to school this fall to become a Computer and Application Developer? So, I’ve been going over all the front-end stuff like HTML/CSS, JavaScript and also I just completed the PHP course and decided to move onto Ruby. I have a few text books for C#, C++ and JavaScript & AJAX, so I’m wondering if it’d be beneficial for me to get proficient in JS (I’m mediocre right now) and then maybe move onto C#?

I spend about 8-10 hours of learning & practicing everyday, but I’m thinking my time probably could be used more efficiently. My end goal is to be able to build a website and an app for android before I start school. So a little help getting me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Rails and SQL so you can incorporate everything in a web app environment with both front and back end. Or at least that would be my first guess.

Yes. This is the top of the list of browser languages. It is built in to every client and by today’s standards a very powerful and useful tool to master.




Thanks a lot! I’ll continue on to that after Ruby.

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