What language should I use to build this program?

Hello, I would like to build a program that would allow me to input the hours that I work and the dollars that I sell (I am a salesman) and than give me my dollar per hour #. I know it is an easy calculation but I would like to make a program to do it. Any recommendations as to what language I should use to build it? I am pretty much a newb to programing!


Sounds like something that could be done in excel, in which case it would involve very little to no programming.


Yes, that is what I am doing now but I thought it would be neat to make something a little more “professional” looking

For a program like that, I would say Python or NodeJS if you want to use the console, or HTML CSS and JS if you want to have graphics.

You could also use a compiled language like C or C++ if you want to be able to have a single executable file on a device that doesn’t have Python installed.

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